Tub to Shower Conversion

A bathtub to shower conversion (replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower) is the most popular bathroom remodeling option for many reasons. Most people prefer a shower to a bath. Easier and safer to enter and exit, a walk-in shower has more space, and can be designed with accessories to make your showering experience more personal.

People are not only interested in a safer and more comfortable shower, but also in making their bathrooms more accessible so they can stay in their homes as they age. A shower equipped with the proper safety features allows for safe showering as our physical abilities change.

Aside from being safe, a properly designed walk-in shower offers a more comfortable and relaxing shower experience. Here are some design considerations when converting a tub to a shower.

Fortunately, a tub to shower conversion doesn’t require expensive construction work. Standard shower bases are made to fit in the same space as a bathtub and come with left or right drains to minimize plumbing work.

Tub to Shower Conversion

The demolition required for a bathtub to shower conversion will require a new wall surround. This is the perfect time to get rid of those hard-to-clean tiles walls. Re-Bath’s easy-to-clean grout-free DuraBath wall system reaches seamlessly from the floor to an 8′ ceiling. Add a ceiling panel and you’ll never worry about peeling paint and mold above your shower.

A standard shower base is about 6” tall, but you can get a shower base with a lower threshold, which is easier to step over. A barrier-free shower base has no curb, which allows a wheelchair to roll into the shower, or gives a person with limited leg mobility easier access. Also, a shower base has a flatter surface than the bottom of a bathtub providing you with safer footing.

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