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We hear this question all the time: “What cleaning products can I use on my Re-Bathproducts?” Luckily, caring for your new Re-Bathbathroom couldn’t be easier. Because we offer such a diverse selection of products, we suggest you learn how to care for each surface type. Certain caustic bathroom cleaners and abrasives may strip the finish or cause stains, but using our approved bathroom cleaners can help prevent any accidental damage.

Re-Bath Tub & Shower Cleaner is the RECOMMENDED cleaner for use on Re-Bath products.

If you chose to use something else, use ONLY the approved bathroom cleaners listed below. If diluted properly, the cleaners listed below have been tested and found to be safe to use only on the Re-Bathbathtubs, shower bases and wall systems.

IMPORTANT: When dilution is required, please follow manufacturer instructions on the label.

PLEASE NOTE: Re-Bath/Am-Bath has not tested the cleaning effectiveness of these products.

NOTE: Products with an asterisk (*) may cause damage to your glass tub and shower enclosures. Products containing vinegar, bleach, abrasive or soft or soft abrasive powders and steel or Teflon pads may damage the metal frame or scratch the surface of the glass. **Not approved for use on Matte finish walls.

For your convenience, we’ve included a downloadable list with cleaning instructions and  the list of approved bathroom cleaners found safe to use on Re-Bathproducts:

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