H20 Kinetics Showerheads: A Better Way to Shower

Oh, how we love our showers. The feel of warm water caressing our bodies and relieving our stress makes one feel new again. A long relaxing shower may be the best part of our day. Showers cleanse our bodies and free our minds. Some of our best ideas are hatched during an early morning shower.

But, as we all know, we must conserve water to save our planet. In 1992, the EPA passed a water conservation law stating that manufacturers cannot sell a showerhead that uses more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. The wonderful showerheads that drenched us with fire-hose force were outlawed forever. For years, many of us resigned to settle for an anemic showering experience to lower our water usage.

h20 kinetics showerheads
Manufacturers know how much we love our showers and set out to invent a showerhead that would use the prescribed 2.5 gallons per minute, yet would feel like the showers of yesteryear.

But, could that even be possible?

One manufacturer thought outside the box and invented a shower system with no moving parts that could reignite our passion for an indulgent shower AND meet the EPA’s water conservation limits.

The Delta Faucet Company designed a system they call H2O Kinetics. Some of these showerheads can operate on as little as 1.5 gallons per minute, 36% less water usage than a standard 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead. The water is routed through specially designed channels creating a unique wide-angle wave pattern that gives the feeling of a high volume showerhead. This internal system, which requires no moving parts (think quiet), controls the speed, movement, and droplet size of the water. The water exits the showerhead as an oscillating stream creating a fan of water with large droplets.

See How H20 Kinetics Works:

This innovative design keeps the showerhead nozzles clean because the water oscillates as it leaves the showerhead, self-cleaning as it is used. You’ll never lose shower pressure because of a lime-clogged showerhead.

h20 kinetics showerhead spray

If you’re thinking of changing your showerhead and saving the earth, make sure the one you choose has the H20 Kinetic feature—not all Delta showerheads have this feature. On top of being environmentally friendly, these reasonably priced showerheads are very highly rated for performance.

So, go ahead, indulge in a glorious shower with plenty of pressure to relax, and cleanse, and feel good about saving water.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


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