Beautify Your Bathroom and Increase Your Property Value


When it comes to home remodeling, very few projects you invest in will pay you back completely when you go to sell your house. Bathroom remodeling is one of the lucky exceptions. Bathroom remodeling is actually one of the best remodeling investments available to increase your home’s property value.

For every dollar spent on a bathroom remodel, a home’s property value rises by about 69 cents or more, according to Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report 2013. Thanks to the recovering housing market, researchers at Zillow found a transformative mid-range bathroom remodel of a modest bathroom with 5×7 dimensions can help you earn as much as 101% of your remodeling budget back when you put your house on the market.

Not only do you get to build your dream bathroom, but you get a good part of your investment back in property value, too. Whether you are looking to sell your home in the future or simply want to enjoy your bathroom while you have it, here are 10 of the best bathroom remodeling projects to help you see a return on your remodeling investments:

1) Replace Your Vanity Tops:

It’s no secret that replacing your kitchen countertops is one of the best home upgrades you can invest in. The same holds true for your bathroom’s vanity top. Replace your worn or scratched solid surface vanity top with a new one that adds elegance and a lifetime of durability. Buyers will take notice of long-lasting quality and resplendence.Quartz, granite, and Corian are some of the most beautiful and durable options out there, and they come in almost any kind of color or pattern imaginable. Be sure to choose a versatile color or pattern that fits a number of tastes.

vanity top

If you have room in your master bathroom, be sure to invest in a double-sink vanity top. Couples especially prefer having their own sink and look for homes with this feature specifically. Not only will it make your home more appealing to buyers, but it will add even more to your home’s property value.

DIY Guide: Installing a new vanity top can be done in as little as 4-5 hours (with a pre-cut vanity top)

2) Refinish or Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are like the hearth of a bathroom. They help set the style and tone of your bathroom’s theme and decor and offer storage. If your bathroom vanity is in terrible shape or outdated, it can make or break a potential buyer’s opinion about the bathroom itself and your home appraiser won’t be impressed, either.

If you want to raise your home’s property value, sanding and painting, or refinishing your bathroom vanity can make a world of difference. However, if your bathroom vanity is made of cheap compressed particle board, it will just fall apart. There is no saving a cheaply made, flimsy vanity- replace it! Be sure your new or refinished vanity is completely sealed or lacquered to prevent moisture damage.

bathroom vanity cabinets
Always make sure your bathroom vanity is the appropriate size for your bathroom. Fitting in bathroom cabinets that are too large for the bathroom create a tense cramped feeling (this may send potential buyers packing) . If you replace your vanity, specify a taller height. Vanities also come in taller heights and greater depth to save space or reduce strain on your back.

DIY Guide: Installing a new standard vanity 4ft tall or less can be done in as little as 1 day. Larger vanities may take longer.

3) Replace Your Worn Or Outdated Bathroom Fixtures

Replacing your bathroom fixtures is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a refreshing makeover and increase your home’s property value. Because your faucets and vanity hardware (like handles and hinges) get daily wear and tear, it’s important to keep them looking fresh and modern.

There are at least a dozen different finishes that can help accent your bathroom and help you create the kind of theme and aesthetic you want to create. Right now, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two of the most popular finishes people are remodeling with!

brushed nickel bathroom faucets

Brushed nickel bathroom faucets


Be sure to replace your shower valves with a pressure and temperature balanced single lever shower control. It’s easier and safer for people of all ages to use.

Which Of These Things Just Don’t Belong?
If you decide to replace your bathroom fixtures, remember to be consistent and replace them all. Door knobs, door stoppers, faucets, cabinet hardware, shower valves, shower heads… all of it. The last thing you want is for the eye to catch on an element that not only sticks out, but doesn’t fit the new theme of your bathroom.

DIY Guide: Installing new bathroom fixtures can be done in as little as 2-3 hours

4) Make Your Bathroom More Resplendent

No one likes a tiny bathroom. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make your bathroom look more spacious to the unsuspecting eye. Although home appraisers will calculate the square footage of your bathroom, the way you decorate the space can improve your property value and appeal to potential buyers. Using lighter colors can help brighten up your bathroom and make natural light go much further than a dark color scheme.

Although dark cabinets and shelving may look quite elegant, they may add an element of claustrophobia in smaller bathrooms. Adding mirrors , larger windows, or even skylights can also help your bathroom seem a little larger than it really is.

small bathroom

A bright color scheme and appropriately-sized fixtures can make a small bathroom seem bigger


If you are doing a large remodel and you want to reallocate a few square feet of room from a closet or master bedroom suite, expanding your bathroom may be a worthwhile investment.

DIY Guide: Installing a larger mirror and painting your bathroom can be done easily over the weekend

5)Think About The Future

There’s nothing wrong with personalizing your bathroom, but if you want to recover or enhance your bathroom remodeling investment, it’s better to choose universally tasteful features that will be popular with future home buyers.


timeless bathroom

Clean, universal features or money-saving features always sell well

While many people dream of having a luxurious home spa for a bathroom, the reality is that more people are more focused on eco-friendly modifications and trends, such as water conservation or energy conservation. Choose color schemes, features, or upgrades that are durable and will stay in demand, even if you don’t end up selling for another five to ten years.

DIY Guide: Doing your research on the housing market and bathroom trends will help you choose timeless renovations

6) Luxury Goes A Long Way

When considering your home’s property value, it’s also important to think about adding custom luxury features, like a whirlpool tub or additional spa features. Although luxury remodels don’t have quite the same return of investment as a mid-range bathroom remodel, you are still increasing your home’s property value about .59 cents for every dollar you spend AND all while creating your dream bathroom, too.

luxury bathroom

Heated shower mirrors are fog-free and make it easy to remove makeup or shave in the shower. Installing radiant flooring, a heating system that keeps your floors warm on cold mornings and accelerates drying, not only makes your bathroom more cozy but safer.

7) What About Custom Renovations?

There are some custom bathroom remodel features that may be niche, but necessary. For example, making your bathroom handicap accessible. Although there are Pros and Cons, ultimately, being able to live comfortably in your own home without the costs of assisted living are going to be more worthwhile than inflating your property value.

Depending on the nature of the upgrade, handicap accessibility may actually make your bathroom more valuable to more potential buyers who would like to age in place and avoid assisted living. Walk-in showers that cater to everyone’s needs will never grow out of fashion.

walk in shower

This walk-in shower comes complete with grab bars, a shower seat, and adjustable shower head


DIY Guide: Try to choose renovations that make your bathroom as comfortable, safe, and accessible to as many people as possible (including you!)

7) Light Up Your Life

Natural lighting is one thing, but the light fixtures in your bathroom are quite another. No matter how nicely your bathroom is decorated, with dingy lighting, it won’t look impressive.

Here’s a test: turn on your bathroom light and look at yourself in the mirror. If the lighting is less than flattering or makes it difficult to examine your features, you should invest in a better bathroom lighting setup. Your lighting should not only accent your bathroom, but it should make you feel good about looking into the mirror, too.

bathroom lighting ideas
Invest in sconces or studio lights around your vanity mirror to improve the lighting quality when in front of your vanity mirror. Lighting can also be added above your shower and bath, or to accent your decor.

DIY Guide: Replacing your light fixtures can be done in as little as an hour. Unless you are a skilled electrician, please use a professional electrician for any involved rewiring projects.

8) Through the Looking Glass

Bathrooms are often the primary place to put yourself together, which means a proper mirror is required. If you don’t already have one, a large decorative mirror can help add value and atmosphere to your bathroom- especially if it has a frame. While some consider wall-to-wall mirrors passé, framed mirrors present a design opportunity. Use a frame to create a focal point in your bathroom or match the mirror frame with your moldings or bathroom fixtures to create some stylistic cohesion that will turn heads.

A recessed medicine cabinet with additional storage space is also a great option- especially if your bathroom is smaller. A mirror is great. A mirror with storage space where there is little is even better.

DIY Guide: Replacing a bathroom mirror can be done in as little as 30 minutes

9) Add an Additional Bathroom

According to leading experts at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), adding a half bath may add up to 10.5% to a home’s property value, while adding a full bath can tack on as much as 20%. Of course, the amount of additional value you will receive varies according to the home’s other features.


under stair bathroom

Understair bathroom

Especially in an older home, having an extra bathroom can make a world of difference when you have guests. Under-stairs closets and basements are great places to add a bathroom.

DIY Guide: Depending on the size of the new bathroom and how much plumbing and rewiring must be done, installing a brand new bathroom can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks with inspections.

10) Don’t Skimp

If you aren’t willing to invest enough into making your bathroom look good, most home appraisers say “Don’t bother”. Knocking a few thousand dollars from your asking price will be more cost-effective than spending on a remodel that doesn’t look attractive to potential buyers.

If you have a meager budget to work with, try picking at least one project to focus your funds towards. Using a bathroom remodeling company that offers financing can also help you pay off a nicer remodeling project gradually.


bad bathroom remodels

A botched shower remodel


If you’re a DIY-aficionado, you can knock out plenty of the more simple or inexpensive projects around your bathroom with a little elbow grease. Just make sure your skill-set is proficient enough to attract buyers or you may find yourself hiring someone to go back and fix your ‘handiwork’.

DIY Guide: A botched or unattractive bathroom remodel not only costs you money the first time, but you’ll pay twice over just to get it fixed. Pick your projects wisely based on your skillset and your budget.