8 Amazing Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the little ways that make moms so special. You don’t have to spend lots of money to make her feel appreciated- pampering is a labor of love. Seeing the effort you put into Mother’s Day will make her light up. Give your mom an unforgettable Mother’s Day and make her feel as special as she really is. Whether you plan to do a handful of nice things or make Mom queen for a day, here are a 8 amazing Mother’s Day ideas:

1) Breakfast In Bed

Mother’s Day is the perfect way for you and the family to spoil Mom and take care of her the way she’s always taken care of all of you.

mother's day ideas

Fresh cut strawberries with whipped cream , homemade crepes and tea are an easy-yet-elegant breakfast to bring up to Mom, but you know what she likes best. A little pampering goes a long way!


2) Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Nothing rinses stress away quite like a bubble bath. Giving Mom some downtime to relax is one of the most underrated Mother’s Day gifts that leaves her prepared for life as usual on Monday. Run her a hot bubble bath and dress up your bathroom with some candles. If you want to set the mood, find some ambient background sounds or low-key music.

mother's day ideasWhether she simply wants to enjoy a prolonged soak or to finish a few chapters of a book, reserving at least an hour for peace, quiet and relaxation will be appreciated. Lay out a robe and towels for her and take the kids out of the house so she can enjoy it!


3) Mom Coupons: Redeemable Any Time

Making your Mom a book of coupons for chores, family outings or even dates is a great way to let Mom feel the love all year round.

mother's day couponsWhether it’s a coupon to do the dishes or take her out for a movie when she needs it most, she’ll love it. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

4) Mother’s Day Picnic

Especially if the weather’s nice, pack some sandwiches, pasta salad, and some freshly cut fruit and take Mom to your local arboretum for a day outside.
mother's day picnicRemember to pack a blanket for stretching out on the grass. For a touch of sophistication, bring a bottle of a light wine in tow.

5) Make A Collage

Using photos and memories from the years past, ticket stubs, or whatever you can fit on a small poster board, capture your family at their happiest.
mother's day ideasRemind Mom how much you all love each other and how much fun you have together. It’ll make her even prouder to be a Mom!

6) Mom’s Choice

There’s not a single one-activity-fits-all when it comes to moms. The mother in your life is a special and unique lady, so try to customize your activities to her interests and hobbies. If your Mom’s an avid gardener, bring her some seedlings or the beginnings of an herb garden and offer to spend the afternoon planting with her. If your Mom loves to read, offer to take her to the book store for coffee and book browsing. Give her a chance to do something she enjoys with you.

mother's day ideasIf you think you don’t have what it takes to be a good sport as your Mom’s partner in crime, let her fly solo. Getting aggravated or impatient will ruin the mood. Let her enjoy her day!

7) Don’t Let Mom Cook

Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, but it shouldn’t be up to mom to feed the family today. Whether you take her out out for dinner or you team up and make dinner for mom together, let her know she’s taken care of.

mother's day ideasGoing out of the way to make her favorite meal will go a long way. Dress up the meal with a homemade sangria or a nice wine.

8) Clean Up

364 days out of the week, mom is constantly behind the scenes cleaning up after everyone. This Mother’s Day, don’t let her lift a finger. After dinner or breakfast, wash the dishes, take out the trash, and don’t leave a mess behind your activities today.

mother's day ideas

As much as she’ll appreciate your hard efforts, leaving the responsibility and stress of cleaning up to mom may put a damper on your grandiose Mother’s Day plans. Give her a day off.